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I throw pixels and polygons together till they resemble something interesting...

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3D Game Artist


Dayton, Ohio

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Congrats, hope your future's bright.

Thanks! I also hope for good things, staying positive for sure. :)

I know that feeling... Haha.

By the way, I saw a comment somewhere that you didn't know any other newgrounders did 3D stuff (actually, it was a comment from 2011, lol, but that's why I linked over here...) but I do 3D stuff too, so it's not just you on NG! :3 I don't have any videos or anything on here, but I did the characters in William and Sly 2 in Blender.

Good luck with everything, haha! Now that NG does video you should put up some student work. :)

Hey man thanks for the comment! I actually rather enjoyed the William and Sly series...very calming. Nice animation too. :) I actually don't like Blender...Maya and or Zbrush all the way here. (Zremesher...)

I wish I could work on a game...alas, no programming experience here. Except for UDK and Unity...but the only thing I could make is an art game with practically 0 interaction.

I'm working on some animated shorts too it's just been hard to be creative lately...looking for work for so long has been sort of leaving me drained.

Ah, yeah man, it's tough being a working artist. There are so many out there, and no one wants to pay for art haha. It'd be good to get some other skills to go along with it. Most game studios that'll be hiring these days are probably looking for someone who can fill a few roles, since it's all about the casual games market and small teams. If you can learn Unity, that'd be a great step forward. If you're looking into movies, though, maybe working up a demo reel would be a better way to spend time. Don't know much about that, myself.

I can relate to having trouble staying motivated, too... I've found recently, though, that Newton's first law definitely applies to creativity. I used to take long breaks between making games, and it took me forever to finish once I finally started, but I just made it a rule that I had to work at least 10 minutes ever day, and suddenly I was working a decent amount pretty regularly. It's like, once you start work, you don't feel any kind of effort doing it.

Hey, I go to school right next to Full Sail

I took classes online so I've not actually been to the area...I'm sure it's nice though! Must be warmer than the below freezing we're having here.