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Seems the video was converted and the menu music persists through the video now and is a bit distracting.

I have a light table in my office that I've used ONCE for a simple 10 second animation that took me forever to get right...I think I saw frame #300 on one of your frames on this one, that's quite a bit of paper! Also love the Kricfalusi like style.

Good stuff!

I like your title graphic, and the fact that you put it at the end and not in the beginning. At first I had a problem with the silhouette when she opens the door because it seemed squashed or oddly shapen but I kept rewinding (another good feature of video vs swf eh?) and I think it works for the style of the character.

Music and sfx were timed very well and felt appropriate.

Overall very good!

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I love the game, the only critique I can think of right this second is the audio used for characters talking sounds like someone knocking...like on a door, which is your first introduction to a character as they knock on your door, so it feels like it's just a placeholder sound copied from the door knocking.

I left the game running for a bit...let the workers gather etc. 9 hours...finally finished it and was sorely disappointed to find that there was no ending...just some text and the option to keep playing.

I would've liked at least another graphic like what was shown to you in the beginning. No real satisfaction for finishing the game.

Some basic critiques I suppose would be that the fish menu should've been on the right instead of the left as you spend most of your time in the ore menu so having to skip over every time you open the backpack made that memorable.

Other than that...the music and art and everything seemed fairly well done. I'm just very disappointed in the ending is all.

Coolboyman responds:

It absolutely should have had an ending. Your basic critiques make sense, thank you.

Wait...you can put content in a flash game that can only be seen via zooming in?!

Y2k4ever responds:

Its possible when you import a large picture and ,without breaking it apart, shrink it so the pixels will not be distorted, but they will appear that way when on the general screen.

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Entertainment professional

More and more I catch your work I'm reminded of Dimitri Martin, and you seem to have done everything you can to put effort into being professional. Not many would animate, write, AND do the music for their own work as well as do the voices etc.

I hope to see your work on a network somewhere some day Mr Yotam!

LazyMuffin responds:

I'm not alone though, Happy Harry and Oney also do the music voicing and animation. Thanks!

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I hadn't checked out NG in quite some time and today I thought..."I wonder if Jouste is still banging around on there" and I was not disappointed...HIGH FIVE!

I've not heard of this game either, will check it out!

That's the sharkula weapon! Awesome!

Nice environment render! That's a lot of fur...mostly dam standard brush?

elSEEDY responds:

Cheers man. Yea mostly Dam standard and Standard brush.

I throw pixels and polygons together till they resemble something interesting...

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