Farewell painting

2011-11-08 15:39:36 by crashadams

Working on a digital painting today, sort of a "farewell" gesture...

about 2 hours in so far, here is a tiny closeup of a piece of it, anyone want to guess who/what it is?

Farewell painting


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2011-11-08 15:47:27

And no it's not THAT.....sheesh.


2011-11-08 19:00:44

Umm...Arbiter from halo(a close pic from hes eye)? just finished halo 3 on legendary so halo stuff is te only stuff I have in mind on the moment, so thats why I cant figure anything else :)

crashadams responds:

Oh man, over 4 hours into it and I don't even think I'm even half way done...and it's not Arbiter though good pick for a subject, maybe next time :)

Will probably finish it over the next few days, will post here when I'm done, I'm working on a few other projects too though so....who knows haha.

A hint perhaps...