Oh look GTAV...isn't every game they make GTA?

2011-11-10 12:42:36 by crashadams

Am I the only one absolutely not excited about Skyrim? I bought Oblivion for the original xbox and barely played it, if it wasn't for bethesda suing Mojang over the scrolls name I probably wouldn't even be as aware Skyrim was even coming out...so I guess lawsuits do have a good side as far as marketing is concerned, worked to get my attention I suppose.

Come to think of it any game I've been kind of curious about this past year ended up losing my interest rapidly...beta testing The Old Republic made me not give a crap that it's coming out, just felt like a WoW clone....and wow another GTA game...wasn't Red Dead just GTA with horses...and Bully GTA in a school...and glancing at their list of games just makes it look like they clone GTA for everything.

I mean I love Max Payne...but 3 looks like they are letting GTA sneak in, I was really excited to hear it was coming out till I saw the trailers and realized they were taking out the comic book feel and making it all "Next gen"...

anyway just felt like bitching on newgrounds, just spent 8+hrs on a painting that didn't turn out how I'd like so.....yeah.

Also anyone out there ever use stencylworks? seems a viable solution to export games in swf format.


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2011-11-10 14:44:19

Midnight club is the only "non GTA" game Rock Star has.

crashadams responds:

yeah i was looking through their lineup on the website...I never play racing games so I forgot about that one, only racing games I ever played were mario kart and diddy kong racing.....oh and Twisted metal if you can count that as racing...probably not...