Global Game Jam Entry - Wizards of RGB

2014-01-31 11:58:51 by crashadams

The Global Game Jam was a lot of fun but also very exhausting...specially since I opted to drive 13 hours north into Quebec Canada to enter. Thought I'd post my team's entry here as well as a video I made to promote it.

Download link:

Gameplay/promo video:

The game is kind of control 3 wizards representing the 3 color values that digital images are presented with and you try to block incoming colored monsters by matching their color. Sometimes you need to combine 2 or more wizards to get the color you want.  

You can route the controls of each wizard to external usb controllers so you can play local multiplayer but for now it's  up and down, Q/A, W/S, and E/D for the red, green, and blue wizards respectively.  



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