I work for Image Comics now! Kinda...

2014-09-03 01:38:53 by crashadams

I was recently approached by an artist friend of mine about helping out on a "variant" cover for a then upcoming comic  of his about to be published by Image...I've been a huge fan of Image comics and Todd McFarlane since I was a kid so it was kind of a huge deal to me and I said yes without even knowing how much money he could pay me. (He did pay me, just not a crazy amount)

Anyway the concept was that he knew I liked to sculpt his and other comic artist's work so he thought it'd be cool to create a comic book cover that appeared to be an old fasioned action figure based on the main character of the book. 

The cover sold so well that I've been asked to do another one and possibly a couple more for a different series as well...exciting stuff! :D

SO here it is..."NO" the hero of the story...the badass hatchet wielder in the world of "SPREAD"





















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